SM small distributor VISION with plug-in terminal

Number of rows

  • 7220207
  • VISION12+2
  • 4034338938229
  • 1 / / 75
Product information "SM small distributor VISION with plug-in terminal"

VISION for the installation of tomorrow

  • Uncomplicated distribution on walls
  • For simple wall surface mounteding
  • Supplied with plug-in or screw terminals
  • 1-4 row Execution available

Number of rows: 1
Number of compartments: 14
Equipped with: 1x FI additional terminal (FIK)
1x PE-N plug-in terminal (SKN17PE)
Recommended purchase:

Door system:

  • Metal door APV12+2TM (Art.No. 7220046)
  • Plastic door VISION12+2TW (Art.No. 7220250)
Box material: PS
Design voltage: 400 V
Design current: 63 A
Can be lead sealed: true
Note: When using a door in combination with the additional division unit, the maximum installation height for MCB units of 55mm below the door handle must be observed.
Height: 250 mm
Cover material: PS
Width: 305 mm
Depth: 99 mm