TIE Thermofix socket box EPS20-MULTI

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Product information "TIE Thermofix socket box EPS20-MULTI"

Energy efficient and time-saving in processing

  • Large time and cost savings
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No additional sealing and insulation work required
  • Multiple fastening options
  • Homogeneous, free of thermal bridges, compact frontage
  • High individual and overall stability
  • Full integration into the frontage
  • No discolouration or condensation on the frontage, no mould or algae

Execution: 1-fold socket box and mounting plate up to 180 Nm
Height: 184 mm
Width: 184 mm
Depth: 205 mm
Max. cross section: 2,5 mm²
suitable for: Insulation layer 80-200mm
Mounting surface: 92x92 mm
Thermal insulation capacity U (with insulation layer 200 mm): 0,17 W / (m² x K)
Accessories: Additional screw-on mounting plate for unit loads up to 12 kg, pipe sealing plug M20