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Product information "Intumescent"
  • Subject to external monitoring because of the certification (building material approval)
  • Only for individual lines according to LAR (if necessary, note the differences in the LAR of the individual provinces!) Standard Cable Line Directive (MLAR) of the DIBt can be modified in parts by individual provinces
  • The cured product must not be exposed to the immediate effects of the weather (driving rain, freeze / thaw cycles, UV rays)
  • Suitable for single line ducts in solid elements
  • Suitable for cladding tubes made of non-combustible material in lightweight partition walls, according to MLAR rules
  • Cartridges usable with standard press guns
  • Aging-resistant, water-based
  • Easy processing, even with small ring joints
  • Can be used in areas with a high humidity rating

Inhalt: 310ml / 400g