HW/FM small distributor JUMBO with support frame


  • 7250110
  • JUMBO24+4TS
  • 4034338936867
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Product information "HW/FM small distributor JUMBO with support frame"

Execution: 2-row
Equipped with: 1x door with frame (T+RJUMBO24+4)
1x PE-N plug-in terminal (SKN17PE)
1x FI additional terminal (FIK)
Recommended purchase: Hollow wall anchor set (HWA-Set)
Wall claw set (MK-Set)
Mounting bracket set (MH-Set)
Cover strip (ADS12W)
Design voltage: 400 V
Design current: 63 A
Suitable for sheet thickness: 10-45 mm
Stackable: true
Can be lead sealed: true
Box material: PS
Cover material: PS