Damp area distribution box with terminals


  • 7340232
  • NFK18gr-HLAK4p25
  • 4034338938137
  • 1 / 12 / 384
Product information "Damp area distribution box with terminals"

NEPTUN Compact - Small size. Great resistance.

  • Robust housing in a modern design
  • Screws with assembly position
  • Various break-out entries M20-M40
  • IP66 protection class with all-round seal
  • Custom fixing options for perfect alignment
  • Membrane entry on NFK08
  • 4 different sizes
  • Use in damp areas and in protected outdoor areas

Length: 180 mm
Execution: incl. HLAK 4-pole 25mm²
Height: 180 mm
Width: 180 mm
Depth: 93 mm
Equipped with: 1x main line branch terminal 4-pole 25mm²
1x DIN rail (NCHS18)
2x double membrane seal M20 (DMS20)
2x double membrane seal M25 (DMS25)
3x double membrane seal M32 (DMS32)
4x screw cover
2x external fixing tab
Max. cross section: 16 mm²
Degree of protection (IP): IP66
Box material: PS
Lid material: PS
Colour: grey
Installation type: SM

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