Winning skills: f-tronic goes medical

Competence succeeds: f-tronic goes medical 

Innovation knows no bounds with us. We not only develop products with a high quality, but also combine them with a long service life. Due to the difficult, competitive environment we are experiencing these days, sustainability has become a high priority for us.

We have been contributing our knowledge to biomedical research by means of our multi-component technology. Our modern machinery of over 35 injection molding machines, from 200 to 12500 kN and a shot weight of a few grams up to over 2 kg, ensures that we achieve exact results.

The Fraunhofer Institute IBMT has provided us with an opportunity to implement our many years of experience in plastics technology. They invited us to develop a plastic carrier plate for the biological laboratories. This allows them to perform the entire workflow in Fraunhofer cellular biotechnology - including long-term storage at low temperatures. High cooling rates are achieved with the production of ultra-thin bases. These surfaces even enable a structure- and function-preserving freezing process without the formation of ice crystals. The designed plastic carrier plate is stable at cryptogenic temperatures below -140 °C so that highly specialized cell types such as dopaminergic neurons can be stored indefinitely in application-oriented formats. The plate can be used for the production of a variety of cell types. Subsequently, we enable biomedical research to store cellular model systems in standardized formats. The entire development process was closely monitored and supervised by our experienced staff, from the design to manufacture.




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