Upgrade: Fire protection box tested for timber walls

Fire prevention sockets now also tested for timber construction

Last year, we launched our fire protection sockets, which combine the three most important properties: sound insulation, fire safety, and energy efficiency. The fire protection sockets (BS2000, BS2700, BS3500, BS3700) have now also been tested for timber construction.

As a renewable raw material, timber is once again gaining in importance as a building material in modern sustainable construction methods. As there are different regional kinds of wood, a large variety of types may be used. Building at height becomes increasingly efficient the higher you build thanks to the low weight of the material. This construction method is very appealing in urban areas with little space, in particular. The high degree of prefabrication outside the construction site and the lack of time needed for drying guarantee faster construction. The great insulating properties and the thinner wall thickness make it possible to gain more living space.

In terms of safety, the material complies with fire safety regulations: Although wood is flammable, it has a sluggish burning behavior due to its low thermal conductivity and the charcoal layer that forms on the burning wood. Thanks to these properties, a high fire resistance can also be achieved in timber construction. Particularly in the area of public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and nursing homes, high demands are placed on fire protection. We are aware of this fact and have therefore additionally tested our fire protection sockets for cross laminated timber construction.

When a critical temperature is reached, the fire protection sockets react and form an insulating layer. The interior of the socket is encapsulated to a predefined extent and remains dimensionally stable in accordance with the fire resistance class. The fire protection socket maintains the sound insulation function of the wall and is guaranteed airtight thanks to the 2-component technology. Thanks to tool-free cable and pipe insertion as well as a subsequent installation, the processing is efficient.

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